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Rabu, 9 Mac 2011


Lately, I am likely to laugh in a sea of sadness,

Sometimes, easy for tear dropping like the rain on the gloomy days,

Crying a lot like nobody wonder,

Sadness wrapping my whole day.

I knew what happened to me,

But, neither I can't tell, nor say it,

Even rock falling onto me,

I can't share it with you.

How will I endure my grievances?

Who can endure my grief?

Who can calm me down?

Who can make me calm?


Questions left unanswered..

I'm tired now..

I can't hold it anymore,

But, I had to awake,

From yesterday nightmare

I need to stand..

I need to find my spirit..

I could not give up..

Never and never...

:: This is my first poem in english..i like to share with others.. ::

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