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Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

This my group project

Project Basic Electronic And Logic Gate

Title: Singing Bird Door Bell Kit

Aim : To fulfill the learning of basic electronic and logic gate and how far student be capable to use this application in their life.
Introduction :
Today, we have to do a small project for this subject and we decided to make a project of singing bird door bell kit. We bought the component at electronic shop in Pasar Road, Kuala Lumpur which supplied this component with reasonable price. We built this singing bird door bell kit in electronic laboratory and helped by laboratory assistant. After the project finish, we wrote this report to show what we have done during this project running.

Objective : We have three objective for our project
1. To know how to built up electronic component
2. To understand what we learn in basic electronic and logic gate and apply in our life
3. To see our cooperation in this project
Hypothesis : Does this project success and fulfill our objective?
Apparatus/material : Transistor, buzzer, chip-on-board, battery holder, wire (black and white), cutter, lead,
1. Insert and solder the transistor, solidified the transistor.
2. Connect the wire with chip-on-board, the buzzer and battery holder.
3. Solidified the wire and
4. After that, insert two battery 1.5volts for each one.
5. Test it.push the button so the sound will produce.

Precaution Step :
Be careful when to solidified the components.
Make sure the buzzer function properly.
Make sure the wire connected properly so that it will function and produce a sound.

Discusion :
How does a transistor work?
The design of a transistor allow its to function as an amplifier or a switch. This is accomplished by using a small amount of electricity to control a gate on a much larger supply of electricity.
Does the components of this project works properly?
We already built it with the instruction from its small paper work n helped by the electronic laboratory assistant.After that, we tested it to make sure that the sound work properly. We satisfied with our project.
What is function of buzzer?
A signaling device that produce buzzing sound.

Conclusion :
The project success and fullfile our three objective of to understand what we learnt in basic electronic and logic gate an dapply it in our life.
Reference :

1. Dr Rosilah Binti Hassan as a guide and advisor for this project
2. The physics matriculation reference book (sem 2)
3. Basic electronic and logic gate textbook.

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