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Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Study Skill Effective reading

Choose what to read,and how to read it to become an effective reader.

Survey the material to decide whether it is useful:
* look at the title, heading, pictures, or graphs.
* look at the style of the text and where it has come from.

Skim the text to see how the information is organized and to get a general idea:
* read the title and any headings.
* read the first sentence of a few paragraphs.

Scan the text to find specific piecesof information:
* use what you learnt from surveying and skimming the text to locate the information you need.
* move quickly through the text.do not read every word.
* stop when you come to the information you want.

You will often need to understand the details in a text. This is intensive reading. To do this effectively:
- think about why you are reading, and what you need from the text.
- skim the text to get an overview.
- underline words and phrases which occur frequently and are important to know.
- if a particular part of the text is more difficult, read it again, asking yourself question about it.
- look up any words you need to understand in a dictionary..
So,last but not least..lets try it..

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