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Sabtu, 25 Jun 2011

Midnite memory


Mid night memory..
Still in my mind..
To recall at will..
What am i to do with..
Or dissolve the past..
Lying awake i blade..
the leaves talking..
You...must go away..
N leave me..n leave me..

hehehe this is a poem that i still remember although its become memory..I try to join that competition 9 years ago..but i m not good enough speaking english..so my teachers confius becoz the competition day soon later..but they said that i m good enough the way i read this poem..juz only do not hv much time to practise..n my frenz who got involve in this competition not win..owh i miss my former primary school..^_^

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***PrincesS J*** berkata...

ehehe.ehem2,,sy yg perfome poem tu..tp x menang..ehehe..selamat berpuase~~