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Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

Presentation done n Final is coming soon..

Assalamualaikum and hai uollssss..

Actually i don't know what i want to say for this entry but since my presentation for this semester had done..make me feel comfort and hepy especially when i think the day to return my home sweet home will coming soon ermmm about two weeks more ahahahaha..n no need to come to UKM for next semester..u know why??coz i gonna have industrial training almost 5 month in Terengganu..woww..can't wait for that..

But be4 that i need to face with my final exam on 20,21, and 22 june..huhuhu non stop..pity for me..so now, i have almost 5 days to study and study and study again..all the subjects need to be memorize..huhuhu..watever,i will try my best..i want to have better result than last semester.. Fight fight n fight until the end..hahaha for the 1st time, after did confirmation to enter the examination, i really happy coz i can go home early but unfortunately i have another things to settle about my industrial training..^_@

Its ok..as long as i m still here..so i want to njoy my time with my coursemate..my college mate n also my ....hahahaha..Ermmmm i stop here..we'll continue nx time k..c u later.. ^_^

p/s like i try to do an essay..haha i miss that moment..and also try to c my improvement in writing skill..tata

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